Sense and sustainability

Trying to do the right thing from a sustainability perspective is a potential minefield. Replace plastics with natural materials like wood – and you stand accused of cutting down valuable trees to create products that don’t last as long and create an even heavier drain on resources. It’s hard to unpick all the consequences while keeping your sustainability and business priorities in harmony and in focus. Let us help you.

Confident and positive man in woods with bike

Get on the accreditation track

One way to make sure you are heading in the right direction is to get your business accredited for sustainability. With the appropriate endorsements you can also demonstrate to stakeholders, from employees and clients to suppliers and investors, that you’re serious about this.

However there’s a dizzying array of accreditations available. Which will give you the most confidence that you are doing the right things? Which will your customers recognize and value? Do you go for the industry standard from POPAI? Become a B Corp? Go for ISO14001, or EMAS? How much will it cost and what will you need to do to achieve accreditation? Hilltop can help with all these questions.

You will want to be able to check how much progress you are making, but again this can be a confusing area. What reporting framework will best reflect your goals and your transition towards them? How well will that align with the values that you and your stakeholders hold dear? How and when should you communicate on this? Hilltop is here to help you make sense of it all.

Sustainability has to stick in your business. Only if it is ingrained into your culture will it become an integral part of the fabric of your operation and not just the gloss on the surface. This is not easy, but that’s where Hilltop can help you to convert good intentions into revolutionary positive changes.