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Our aim is to help you meet the huge challenges ahead by providing a responsible and forward-thinking approach.

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Our extensive knowledge of the retail, consumer electronics and FMCG goods markets has proved highly transferrable; we have successfully worked with businesses and organisations across many sectors including NGOs, medical software, the legal and leisure industry to name a few.

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Measuring, reducing, reporting and offsetting your carbon

Developing a sustainability (ESG) strategy

Sustainability ratings and accreditation

What we know

Sustainability in Business

As the drive for sustainability gathers momentum, new metrics come into play. What is a company’s environmental impact? Is their resource consumption increasing or decreasing? What societal benefit do they provide? Do they have an overarching purpose to make the world a better and more resilient place?

Hilltop can help you think in systems to address all these areas together.

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The importance of SDGs

You may not be that familiar with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, but there’s a good chance that your clients are, whether they are larger retailers or international brands. And the 17 goals highlight that sustainability is about a lot more than just climate change and the environment.

But how to make them relevant to your business? We can help.

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Our expertise

Hilltop can help you with most aspects of sustainability. Do you have questions around pivoting into the circular economy, managing your waste streams, improving your supply chain, working on your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) credentials or managing your finances more sustainably?

Our team has the experience and certification you need.

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